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Musashi Gear

Musashi x Strahfe Void

Musashi x Strahfe Void

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Musashi x Strahfe Void

The "Void" chapter emphasizes the concept of a clear and empty mind in the midst of combat and life. Musashi stresses that one should not fixate on specific techniques, forms, or preconceived notions, but instead, should remain adaptable, open, and responsive in order to perceive and seize opportunities. The idea is to cultivate a state of mind that is receptive to the unexpected, enabling effective decision-making and action in any situation.


Cloth Surface

  • Controllable, consistent glide with stopping power when you need it
  • Micro stitched edges to minimize wrist/forearm contact
  • Uniform, high-density rubber base that just feels good and sticks to your desk
  • Sublimation printing technique that will not impact the surface performance or feel 


  • Artwork by Fadli
  • One of a kind, high resolution artwork
  • Printing technique and application does not affect surface characteristics
  • Limited production order, 500 units

Other Characteristics

  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Uniform high-density rubber base
  • White, micro-stitched edges
  • Size: 530x440x3mm (20.9x17.3x0.118in)
  • Flat packaging

Strafhe Gaming Collaboration

  • After meticulous research and experimentation, a mousepad made of highest quality materials has been born
  • Selected and designed with Strafhe himself, the artwork is seamlessly printed on the surface, with no impact to performance or feel


For more information on the future drops, updates, and more; follow @Musashigear on Twitter. Please allow additional time for fulfillment, all orders are fulfilled ASAP in the order that they are received. 

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